Our Services


  • → Corporate Security and Consulting
  • → Personal Safety and Advisory Services
  • → Capacity Building in Security and Safety Management
  • → Security Outsourcing/Recruitment, Induction and Orientation Services
  • → Public Safety, Residential Surveillance and Monitoring Services
  • → Events Security Coverage
  • → Private Intelligence Gathering and Synergy with Law Enforcement Agencies
  • → Procurement and Installation of Security Gadgets

    To be the foremost security and safety consulting Firm locally and internationally.


    To deliver our services with passion, integrity, excellence and utmost professionalism as we always seek to meet the needs of our clients, build a lasting relationship with them and, by so doing, make them our testimonials.


    Commitment to excellent, smart, diligent and holistic service delivery.


    ARMSTRONG makes the difference in giving value to our clients by encouraging innovation and fostering a dynamic synergy with all security stakeholders in order to achieve our corporate goals. A key component in our strategic approach to meeting clients’ needs is regular and effective communication with our clients and synergy with relevant partners.

    At Armstrong, we are adept in harnessing the skills, experience and talents of our Management team members and staff while discharging our duties with utmost precision and deep insight to the relish and satisfaction of our clients. We celebrate individual uniqueness as the pillar of our corporate cohesion. We offer world-class security advisory to our network of clients and partners to enable them make our work easier with measurable deliverables.

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